Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We got a new truck

Well...... Truth be told, my girlfriend got a new truck.  This is my girlfriend Chrissy, and that is her new toy.  We had been discussing it for a long time.  I drive a newer Dodge Caliber and she was driving a 13-year-old Saturn Vue.  The Saturn was a decent little SUV but she was ready for a newer ride also, and we both agreed that as a couple we could really use a truck.  She works close to where we live, and I commute 35 miles to work everyday, so a truck for her would be the wisest choice.

We searched around for about a week before we found the truck she really loved.  We got it at Carmax.  We visited our local Carmax to look at a Ford F150 truck that we saw on their website, but after test driving it we decided that the backseat just wasn't big enough for her son.  The sales rep at Carmax found us two trucks with larger backseats located at other stores and had them shipped over for us to take a look at.  Chrissy really had her eye on a Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.7 HEMI, so after it arrived and we got a chance to take it for a test drive, she had to have it.
The backseat in this truck is massive.  Plus it has 2 cup holders back there and rear air conditioning.

Now we finally have something that we can haul things in, such as paving stones for our backyard project.  Plus, we have been dreaming of buying ourselves a small used camping trailer so we can spend some quality family time camping in the woods.  I owned a vintage popup trailer when she and I first met, but I sold it when I bought my little car.  I no longer had a vehicle to tow it with.

We decided not to use Chrissy's little Saturn Vue as a trade in at the dealership because we figured we could get more money out of it if we posted it on Craigslist.  We were definitely correct on that guess.  The Craigslist post was less than 30 minutes old before we received our first call, and shortly after that we sold the Vue to the first guy that called.  He gave us full asking price, which gave us a little play money.

Time to look for that small trailer we promised ourselves....