Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pokemon Go!

Isn't it weird how something as small as a Pokemon game app can take over our mainstream media for weeks at a time?  We have an election coming up with two of the worst Presidential candidates the the United States has ever seen, but for the last week every other news article has been about Pokemon Go.  I guess it is a great distraction over how screwed we are politically as a nation.  It's funny how that works.

For those of you living under a rock or something, Pokemon Go is a new cell phone app that uses the GPS function of your phone to locate little make-believe creatures called Pokemon.  The Pokemon will appear on your GPS map when you are in their vicinity, so walking around is a requirement.  When you find one of these creatures on your GPS map you can select the creature, which activates your cell phone camera.  The camera makes the creature appear to be located in front of wherever you are currently standing.  You can then attempt to capture the Pokemon by throwing virtual Pokeballs at it.

I play the Pokemon Go app myself.  I downloaded the free app on the first day it was released.  I think it's brilliant that someone finally developed a coherent game that gets people up from in front of their televisions and makes them go outside for some exercise.  Of course there is always a downfall to everything.  Some people haven already done stupid things such as walk into traffic while staring at their phone, and some people find it acceptable to play this app while driving.  It's just a matter of time before someone falls off of a cliff or drives over somebody while trying to catch an Eevee.

Until then, I will continue to hunt Pokemon with the masses.  But you can bet I won't be walking out into traffic or playing the app while driving.  Who knows, maybe I'll lose a little weight along the way.