Thursday, May 12, 2016

...Nearly 2 years later (a pictorial)

I am happy to report that it has been nearly two years, and the woman that I fell in love with from is still in love with me.  In fact, we live together now.  She and I have made a pretty good life together.  She and I are a perfect match.  She keeps me grounded, and I keep her from taking life too seriously.

...and once again I find myself being viewed as a father-figure in a family that has taken me in.

It has been a pretty fun and eventful two years.  Last year I bought the three of us season passes to Disneyland.  We live roughly 350 miles north of the park, so we visited as often as we could.  

 My mom and my young niece got season passes also, so we made some of our trips a family event.

Being the new father-figure, I have been teaching my girlfriends young son lessons on being a man.  I took him to an annual father/son camping trip that my old high school buddies and I have been doing for many years.

 ...where he got a chance to fire his first weapon.

As you can probably imagine, he is already excited to go to our next annual trip.  It's coming up in June and he is already mentioning it at least once per week.

We recently did a school project with his class.  We went to the historic Sutter's Fort, where we all dressed in period clothing and spent the night in the old barracks.

There were quite a few of us there...

So, this is my long awaited post. Two years in the making.  I plan to keep this blog updated now.  I have so much more to share, and so many good things happening in my life.  We are working on new hobbies, and we recently started a new business together ......but I will share more about all of that in future posts.

Until then, keep on smiling :)